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Following on from our excellent day trip to Bosnia Herzegovina with Cheap Dubrovnik Tours we decided to take another trip with them to neighbouring Montenegro. Organising a Montenegro day trip from Dubrovnik is really easy as there are numerous tours available.

Montenegro is a little closer to Dubrovnik than Bosnia and without doubt is definitely worth a visit if you have the time. Kotor and Kotor Bay are also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once again were collected from our hotel by our driver/guide for the day from Cheap Dubrovnik Tours. Despite much begging we didn’t get Jake who had taken us on our day trip to Bosnia. No we didn’t. We got the boss – Andro!  A native Montenegrin he was a lovely host for the day and we learnt loads from him during our trip.

Sandro from Cheap Dubrovnik Tours - Montenegro day trip from dubrovnik

Once again following some recommendations from Andro we decided on our schedule for the day – a short coffee stop at Herceg Novi, a stroll around Perast, a visit to Kotor itself before a final stop on the way back to Croatia to have a swim in the Bay itself.

The drive was absolutely spectacular.

views-are-stunning-of-the-bay of Kotor

view-of-the-bay of Kotor


Our first stop was at Herceg Novi for a coffee and a stroll through this very pretty little town.




Our next stop was Perast but as we drove around the Bay Kotorska we passed Gospa od Skrpjela or Our Lady of the Rocks. It is an artificial island created by rocks with the church built in 1630.

Andro dropped us off on one side of Perast and we met him on the other side after a lovely walk through the town. Perast is an ancient town known for its beautiful architecture – it was a frequent stop for royalty from Russia and Venice who holidayed on the Montenegrin coast.

Perast in Montenegro - a day in Montenegro



Our next stop was the city of Kotor. The old town of Kotor is famous for its beautiful medieval architecture of churches and palaces surrounded by its city bulwarks. It needed the walls as during the Middle Ages there were many empires who wanted control of Kotor. Its strategic position and natural harbour made it a very attractive conquest. Part of the Byzantine Empire until the late 12th century, then a free city under the Serbs before falling under Venetian control in 1420 then French occupation from 1807 – 1914 it certainly has an impressive history.

It really is a beautiful old town with little alleys that lead into squares.  There are many palaces that used to belong to the wealthy to spot as you walk around the old town. We sat and enjoyed a drink before heading off for lunch. Another feast!



Well…that was the intention!! Mr C went into the water, screamed, turned blue and rapidly got out! It was (he says) seriously cold! I am glad I just sat on my sun lounger enjoying a drink and taking in the views!!!


Kotor Bay and a boat - Montenegro-day-trip-from-Dubrovnik


How to enjoy a Bosnia day trip from Dubrovnik Croatia



  1. Remember your passport!
  2. There are lots of tours available to Montenegro – we chose the option of having a car with a driver/guide for the day and that suited us. I highly recommend the company – we have not received anything for this and all views are my own.
  3. Take cash (Euros are accepted)
  4. The views are spectacular don’t forget your camera



The Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was inscribed in 1979.

Read all about it on the UNESCO site.


Pin for later -Montenegro day trip from Dubrovnik


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Author: Tracy

Tracy has lived and worked in 7 countries on 4 continents and travelled to over 50 more. A qualified school teacher with an interest in history, reading, photography, nature and wildlife she is always planning her next trip (preferably by train)

With a lifetime of travel experience, and a network of friends all over the world, she is also able to share genuine insider guides, recommended best book lists and train journey inspiration to help you travel authentically to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

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This post may contain compensated links. Please read our disclaimer for additional information.

68 thoughts on “A Montenegro day trip from Dubrovnik Croatia

  1. Lolo says:

    I wish we had known before we went to Dubrovnik that both Kotor and Mostar were both such easy day trips so we could have better planned for it. We only had time to squeeze in Mostar. We plan to do a big Balkan road trip for our honeymoon next year now. #WanderfulWednesday

  2. Van says:

    I’ve heard about Kotor before but this is the first time I’m reading about Perast. It seems like a true hidden gem and so stunning! Definitely want to head to Montenegro one day!

  3. Ruth says:

    I am taking notes at all your recommendations. I want to see if I can make it to Croatia and Montenegro next year. It would be nice to use the tour company you used. #wanderfulwednesday

  4. Trish @ Mum's Gone To says:

    What a great idea to hire a guide – having trips out without all the bother and stress of trying to get to places you’ve never been before on your own. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of doing that before.
    Montenegro does look absolutely beautiful.

    • Tracy Collins says:

      It made the day so relaxing – as we weren’t driving we could enjoy the views and we didn’t have to worry about finding parking (not easy in Kotor) plus we learnt so much from Andro (and Jake who was our guide in Bosnia) I would highly recommend it!

    • Tracy Collins says:

      Thanks Chiera it was great having the guys drive us both days and show us the sights – we didn’t have to worry about anything just relax and enjoy the scenery. They also recommended great restaurants too

  5. Clare (Suitcases and Sandcastles) says:

    Another fantastic post, Tracy. Those guides sound really worthwhile – I’d have been put off by the name of the business but it sounds as if they were absolutely great. Just shows me! Your photos are stunning – you’ve completely inspired me to visit Montenegro. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    • Tracy Collins says:

      Thanks Clare – the guide was great and I am so pleased we chose them to go with as they were really professional and not as expensive as you would think for a car and driver for a day. Glad you enjoyed my post 🙂

  6. David says:

    Very nice Tracy, glad you got to visit from Dubrovnik. You picked some of my favourite spots from my visit in Montenegro. Perast is so charming, Kotor was fantastic to explore and I liked Herceg Novi’s peace and quiet. A winning snapshot of the country 🙂 #WeekendWanderlust

  7. Katy Clarke says:

    What an adventure Tracy! You certainly took in some spectacular sights in this part of the world. I am so tempted to pack my bags immediately and head for Kotor and Montenegro after reading this post. Thanks for sharing with us on #FarawayFiles

  8. Gemma says:

    I love the colour of the water – it’s almost hard to believe it really is like that! Montenegro is such a beautiful place, and so very accessible from Dubrovnik. You were able to do so much in a day!

  9. Rhonda Albom says:

    Many of the former Soviet block countries sound like undiscovered gems. Montenegro on the Adriatic sounds great. Touring with a personal driver is a great way to see an area when you are on limited time.

    • Tracy Collins says:

      Hi thanks Rhonda – we loved all our travels around Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro this summer – definitely places to visit! Having our own driver just made it even better as we had no worries but to sit back and enjoy the day!

  10. Anisa says:

    Such a pretty place. Seems so untouched by crowds, etc. I am hoping to go to Croatia soon, so will definitely keep a day trip to Montenegro in mind. Thanks so much for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

  11. Anda says:

    Montenegro was so close to where I was born (Romania) but I wasn’t able to visit it when I lived there. I would very much love to go back for a trip to Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro. It must have been wonderful to spend at least a day in this beautiful place. Great photos like always. #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  12. Jim ~ ReflectionsEnroute says:

    Another great day trip! There is so much to see and do around Dubrovnik I think you could easily spend two weeks there. We loved Kotor bay, it was certainly a highlight. Great photos! Thanks for linking up with #wkendtravelinspiration!

  13. melbtravel says:

    I love Montenegro a spent a week driving through there a couple of years ago along the coast. I love your post Tracy and it is great to show others that you can do it in a day from Croatia which a lot of people do not know. Great pictures too.

  14. Angie (FeetDoTravel) says:

    Montenegro looks like a fabulous place to visit and it’s great you were able to have a taster on a daytrip, what a good idea! I will definitely be heading here when we are travelling around that part of the world in future, thank you for bringing it to our attention! #TheWeeklyPostcard

  15. Paul and Carole says:

    Great post showcasing this beautiful coast line. We visited Dubrovnik in the summer and loved exploring but didn’t get to Montenegro, but is definitely a place we will visit in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Alex says:

    What a great idea hiring a driver for the day! I think this is the first post I have ever read on Montenegro, it looks really picturesque. You certainly got around on this holiday but I’m learning your style – you want to see EVERYTHING don’t you! 😉 #flyawayfriday

  17. eileen g says:

    There are those destinations you visit that you want every one to know about because they are gorgeous and you also want to keep them your secret so they aren’t spoiled by crowds and over-touristing. This seems like one of those places. Lucky you! I agree, in places where you can cheaply hire a driver it’s often the way to go.

    • Tracy Collins says:

      Thanks eileen – yes its such a beautiful country I hope it doesn’t get too crowded! It is definitely somewhere to visit though!And having a driver/guide was the cherry on the top!

  18. Sandrine says:

    Hi Tracy,
    We are heading to Dubrovnik 1st week of July for 4 nights. We are planning to do a day tour to Montenegro, Kotor Bay area. Do you mind sharing how much does your guide cost?
    And can you please provide contact.


    • Tracy Collins says:

      Hi Sandrine there is a link in the blog post – the company is called ‘Cheap Dubrovnik Tours’ – the cost was €150 for the driver/guide and car for the day. The owner is called Andro – he is from Montenegro and took us out for the day. Mention you heard about him from my blog if you could as that would be lovely for us.

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  26. Hyg says:

    Hi,thanks for the nice photos and information. how many hours was this whole trip? I am looking for a day trip from Dubrovnik.

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